Monday, July 14, 2008

It Floats!!!!

We finally got to launch the Peace Canoe up at Lake Tahoe! We joined the Livermore family at Dairy Creek and decided that this was the perfect time and place to launch. The weather was perfect, we had friends and family around and we were in one of the most magnificent settings anywhere.
She performed magnificently, only one inconsequential leak (about a cup of water every fifteen minutes).
Phin was so excited that he promptly fell asleep while sitting up and tipped over backwards about twenty yards from shore. Good thing he had on his modified Mae West life jacket which saved him from a serious thump on the melon.
What a great way to celebrate a great family project (and the end of residency, for that matter).

Many thanks to all who helped build and encouraged us on our first boat project.

Joe Cool (just before launch and falling asleep at the paddle)

If we shoot for the swim platform, we can always abandon ship there....

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