Sunday, October 21, 2007


I had a sheer clamp split while I was nailing it and also found that it had slipped with the outward pressure the curve of the hull was providing. In the bottom picture you can see the dogleg that it takes. Unfortunately the same thing happened to another scarf joint on the same side.
My neighborhood consultants, Rick, who can restore a Norton with his eyes closed, and Marty, cabinet maker extraordinaire, and I stood around and scratched our heads.
The best solution we could come up with was to get another piece of pine and nail and glue it along the outside of the hull up tight against the sheer log. I could get nails into both the sheer clamp as well as through the plywood which will allow it to regain it's natural girlish figure. (And she does have a beautiful shape when you sight down the bow or stern) I would bevel the ends of this second sheer clamp and make it about eight or ten feet long to be able to pick up both of the scarf joints I blew out. A matching second sheer clamp will be put on the other side, just for symmetry.
Anyone have any thoughts?? If you have run into this or have any suggestions, I am open to hearing what you have to say.

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Boat Assistants

Got the bottom laid down and nailed without much difficulty. We had just enough adhesive to lay down a bead on the interior to really make a good seal.

I was down at the local Big Box (Home Depot, in this case) and found that they carry the 3M adhesive, both fast and slow cure in smaller tubes. Nice to be able to pick-up a backup tube.
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Bottom's Up!

Laying down some adhesive for the bottom. Pretty self-explanatory.
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Trimming the Bottom

Used a drywall T-square and the plane as well as the Shinto rasp to trim up the bottom. This was a pretty easy task, all-in-all. I learned a lot about how to work a plane properly.
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Friday, October 5, 2007

Closing the gap!

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Getting ready to start planing the chines (or is it the sheer clamp, maybe I should stop qualifying sniffing glue as a recreational sport.....) and I realized I needed to do something about the gaps that I had not taken care of.
I just filled the gap with some adhesive, used a clamp and called it good. Should take care of itself, no problem.
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Boat Floatin' Foam

Got the foam laid in today. Got the only stuff that the local Big Box (home despot). Pretty simply to just cut it, glue it and call it good.
We should be able to go deeper than a toddlers knees in water cooler than bath water with this added floatation.
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